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7th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2021)

March 30-31, 2021 | Xi'an City, China & Online

Editors: Lin Liu, Pin Wang

ISBN: 978-1-62437-105-9

Publication Date: April 2021

ISSS 2021

ISSS 2021


ISSS 2021: Preface
Article Title: Preface: 7th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2021)
ISSS 2021: Statement of Peer Review
Article Title: Statement of Peer Review: 7th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2021)
Article Title: Analysis of Legal Issues in Qualcomm Antitrust Case
Author(s): Qingyi Wang
Article Title: Environmental Influences on Dark Creativity
Author(s): Yueting Pan, Ruolei Jiang, Xiaotian Zhang, Kexuan Sha
Article Title: Changes in Notions of Intelligence and Rationality from an Evolutionary Perspective
Author(s): Yunsong Yue, Jiaqi Zhang, Yiying Peng, Cheok Kei Lo, Jinxin Zhang
Article Title: Evolutionary Mismatch in Human from Two Aspects
Author(s): Qianqian Zhang, Xin Yao, Zixuan Zhou, Aiyu Zhang, Jiaming Li
Article Title: Changes of Learning Motivation in Online Courses and Guidelines for Improvement during the COVID-19
Author(s): Yinuo Xu
Article Title: The Explicit Manifestation and Implicit Expressions in the Design of Costume Window Display
Author(s): Jie Qiu, Jing Li
Article Title: The Rise of Great Powers from Global-perspective-- Based on the Experience of the United Kingdom, The United States and China
Author(s): Jun Yin
Article Title: Theoretical Framework and Research Direction of Population Migration
Author(s): Ziye Zheng
Article Title: The State of Teachers and Students' Online Courses and the Improvement Ways of Teachers' Teaching Level under the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s): Shuang Zhang, Mairu Liu
Article Title: Online Harassing in Chinese Societies-- Association among Harassing Behaviors, Misinformation and General Prevalence
Author(s): Beier Liu, Yunyu Ke
Article Title: A Review of Classroom Interaction Competence in the University Context in China
Author(s): Nijia Xie
Article Title: A Review of the Development and Current Situations of General Education in China
Author(s): Xiaotian Wang
Article Title: Study on Integrating Technology into ELA Classrooms
Author(s): Yurong Qi
Article Title: Protection of Undergraduates' Right of Internship from the Perspective of Decent Work
Author(s): Xuebin Hu
Article Title: Understanding the Association between Sexual Orientation with Social Media Usage and Social Anxiety
Author(s): Tianyi Xu
Article Title: Reviewing English Teachers'Interactive Modes in China
Author(s): Zhuofei Lv
Article Title: SWOT Analysis of Online Education in China's Post-pandemic Era
Author(s): Linhui Hu
Article Title: Chinese Overseas Postgraduates' Oral Anxiety in the Pre-sessional Courses Period
Author(s): Zhiwei Wu
Article Title: Quantitative Analysis on the Change of Corruption Stock and Corruption Increment
Author(s): Lei Wei
Article Title: An Empirical Study on College Students' Satisfaction with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education
Author(s): Lin Cong, Lu Han, Shuhui Yuan, Ruimiao Hou, Shiqi Bian
Article Title: Public Concerns and Emotions about COVID-19 based on Twitter with Mixed Method
Author(s): Huiyun Zhu
Article Title: Analysis on the Positive Guidance Path of Mobile Phone Dependence of Rural Left-behind Children
Author(s): Shuru Lin
Article Title: A Brief Analysis of Japanese Cat Culture
Author(s): Zhiqi Kong, Song Lin
Article Title: Analysis of Attitude in Epidemic-related News Discourse from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory-- A Corpus-based Study of News Reports on China Daily, BBC News and ABC News
Author(s): Huili Du
Article Title: Study on Internet Use and Health Status of Elderly-- Evidence from CHARLS2018
Author(s): Zixuan Li
Article Title: Research on the Protection of Citizens' Personal Information under Public Health Emergencies
Author(s): Xiaoyu Si
Article Title: Evaluation and Comparative Study on Output Performance of Different Types of Universities under the Background of Double First-class Construction
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Feng, Xinji Luo, Yuxin Du
Article Title: Study on the Confrontation between Destiny and Free Will in King Lear
Author(s): Yiling Jiang
Article Title: A Contrastive Study of English and Chinese Animal Idioms from the Perspective of Culture
Author(s): Ziyu Chen
Article Title: Machine Learning-based Research on Music Impact and Revolution
Author(s): Siyuan Jiang, Simin Wang and Hongbo Wang
Article Title: Study on the Contents and Countermeasures of Health Communication in Emergencies in Media Environment-- Taking the COVID-19 Epidemic as an Example
Author(s): Ziyue Cao
Article Title: Legal Protection of Personal Information in Epidemic Prevention and Control
Author(s): Xiu Liu
Article Title: A Contrastive Study on the Translation of Culture-loaded Words in Li Ren Xing from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory
Author(s): Jingnan Mao
Article Title: The Prevention and Control Countermeasure of Juvenile Network Crime -- An Investigation based on the Positive Outlook on Development
Author(s): Han Ma
Article Title: Research on Elderly-oriented Transformation for Residence based on Conflict Theory-- Taking Installing Elevators in Old Residential Buildings as an Example
Author(s): Xinrong Zou
Article Title: The Application of the Scaffolding Teaching Mode Using Graphic Organizer in Chinese-English Translation Instruction
Author(s): Xin Peng, Jie Jiao
Article Title: Research on the Communication Mechanism of Online Rumors under the Empowerment of New Media Technology--Taking the "Nabobess Having an Affair with Courier" Rumor Incident as an Example
Author(s): Ruozhou Wang
Article Title: Protection of Citizens' Personal Privacy in Public Health Emergency
Author(s): Yizhi Zhang
Article Title: Study on the Balance and Integration of Chinese Rural Customary Law and State Law in the Context of Rural Revitalization
Author(s): Zihao Wang
Article Title: Study on Advertisement Translation of HUAWEI Products from Perspective of Skopos Theory-- A Case Study on HUAWEI Mate Series Phones
Author(s): Fan Lu
Article Title: Study on the Audience's Willingness to Participate in Internet Public Welfare Communication-- Taking "Ant Forest" as an Example
Author(s): Ruixue Ying
Article Title: Reflection on Urban Community Governance from the Perspective of New Public Management
Author(s): Jiayu Huang
Article Title: A Study of Attitudes Towards Love and Marriage of Female Characters in Oliver Twist
Author(s): Junfang Bao
Article Title: Cross-platform Communication-- Analysis of the Depth of Live Streaming after Removing the Prejudice Factor
Author(s): Yuan Yuan
Article Title: Gender Difference in Chinese Youngsters' Reaction to Negative Language
Author(s): Ziyang Xiao
Article Title: The Representation of Female Stereotypes in Images in Magazines from a Cross-cultural Perspective
Author(s): Sirui Ren
Article Title: The "Other-sculpture" of China's Image by Western Mainstream Media in the Context of the COVID-19-- Analysis of China-related Video Coverage based on YouTube
Author(s): Yuxuan Qi, Yingying She
Article Title: Application Research of Extenics in Fire Safety Assessment of Large Hospitals
Author(s): Shanshan Hao, Xinran Zhao, Lei Guan, Huaxing Zhang
Article Title: Analysis and Research of College Students' Social Behavior in the Omnimedia Era
Author(s): Jia Cui, Hong Chen, Weikun Jing
Article Title: Research on Metaphor in Public Welfare Poster Design
Author(s): Ying Yu, Zhuo Meng
Article Title: Subtitling Wordplay from the Perspective of the General Theory of Verbal Humour (GTVH)-- A Case Study of Inside No.9
Author(s): Zixu Fang
Article Title: Similar Descriptions of Aesthetic Elements and Their Triggers-- Comparison between the Picture of Dorian Grey and Tiny Times
Author(s): Qin Wu
Article Title: Mechanisms that Contribute to Different Altruistic Levels Across Cultures
Author(s): Ruibing Lu, Timothy Lu, Yifan Zhang, Fuwei Yang
Article Title: Language, Human Intelligence, and Evolutionary Psychology
Author(s): Zhuofan Lei, Haoxin Chen, Jianing Zhang, Xinyang Sun
Article Title: The Salon Hostesses-- An Analysis of Women's Role in the Production of the Encyclopedia
Author(s): Gefei Wang, Zhuangzhuang Tan, Fengbo Wang
Article Title: Research on the Refined Social Governance Platform of General Practice Grid based on District/Country
Author(s): Jingyun Zhou, Fan Yang, Wei Liu, Na Ni, Guangdi Zhang
Article Title: Research on Practical Teaching of Innovative Talents in Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Engineering
Author(s): Cheng Sun
Article Title: Study of Environmental Engineering Talent Training Mode Construction in Application-oriented Education
Author(s): Yan Huo, Li Feng
Article Title: Research and Exploration of Incorporating Mathematical Modeling Ideas into College Mathematics Teaching
Author(s): Xuan Li
Article Title: Understanding Creativity from Cultural Background
Author(s): Xinyi Guo
Article Title: Research on the Problems Brought to Human Society by People with Depression
Author(s): Yuchen He, Xinyao Shen, Zhaoyi Li
Article Title: Study on the Present Situation, Causes and Measures of Poor Population in Community
Author(s): Xinya Zhao
Article Title: Study on the Color Characteristics of Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Pictures
Author(s): Tianshuang Zhang, Zizhen Wang
Article Title: Research on the Construction of Research Support Services in University Library
Author(s): Xin Li, Junxia Ren
Article Title: Analysis and Discussion on Practical Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Engineering
Author(s): Cheng Sun
Article Title: The Communist Youth League Participates in the Reform and Construction of Social Governance under the Theory of Organizational Development
Author(s): Hong Wang, Yu Ding
Article Title: Realistic Expression of Pity in the Preface of Yuanjie Poetry
Author(s): Wenting Zhao
Article Title: Research on the School-local Cooperation Models of Grassroots Public Cultural Construction under the Background of the Rural Revitalization Strategy
Author(s): Qiong Zhou
Article Title: The Status of Rural Development in My Country and the Way to Rejuvenation
Author(s): Bin Zhou, Qifei Tang
Article Title: The Business Position of Food Deliveryman in Food Delivery Industry
Author(s): Hanfang Zhang
Article Title: Research on Engineering Practice Innovation Ability of Mechanical Professional Degree Graduate Students based on OBE Concept
Author(s): Ningxia Yin, Qingqun Mai, Haitao Liu and Guoyan Yu
Article Title: The Design and Application of Blended Teaching based on Chaoxing Learning Platform in the Course of Analytical Chemistry
Author(s): Tingting Hou, Chengpeng Li
Article Title: Feasibility Analysis of Chongqing Rail Transit Participating in Logistics Transportation
Author(s): Di Yang
Article Title: Twitter Hashtags on COVID-induced Racial Issues as a Lens-- Examining the Diversity of Online Discourse and its Relationship with Platform Designs
Author(s): Juanran Wang
Article Title: Analysis of Operational Use Mode of Large-range Torpedo
Author(s): Wenjin Yin, Ming Pan
Article Title: Establishing the "Three Leading" Working Mechanism of the Teaching Staff Party Branch Highlight the Fighting Fortress and Exemplary Vanguard Role of the Party Branch
Author(s): Zhaoyang Yu, Ming Zhang
Article Title: Research on Competence of Language Major Students from the Perspective of Open Talent Economy
Author(s): Jiameng Sun, Annette Fillery-Travis and Caroline Jawad
Article Title: Study of Interpersonal Metafunction Related to Public Speaking in English
Author(s): Huilin Bai, HUI-LING WENDY PAN
Article Title: Exploration and Analysis on the Implementation Path of Gratitude Education and Responsibility Cultivation of College Students in Post-epidemic Era
Author(s): Xiaofeng Yang, Yating Cheng, Tiantian Zeng
Article Title: Exploration and Practice of Volunteer Service Model based on Alleviating Leukemia Children's Emotional Disorders
Author(s): Haojie Liu, Ruofan Hu, Xiaohuan Li, Luqing Liu, Yuyang Han
Article Title: The Importance of Maintaining the Strategic Determination to Strengthen the Construction of Ecological Civilization
Author(s): Xiaorong Cheng, Jin Ling, Feng Zhou
Article Title: Research on the Derivation and Development of "Door" Art in the "Black Soil Culture" Background
Author(s): Yonggang Liu
Article Title: Analysis on the Development Status and Cultivation of Cultural Creative Industry Resources in Liaoning Red Anti-Japanese War History
Author(s): Jing Yang, Yue Chang
Article Title: Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Platform Media Communication System-- Based on the Analysis of 2174 COVID-19 News Communication Questionnaires
Author(s): Hongtao Guo
Article Title: Study on the Evolution of Parental Investment and Selected Traits in Different Sexes Shape Gender Role Discrepancy
Author(s): Meiyun Zhang, Yuchen Sun, Jiekai Bai, Hanni Zhu, Xiaoyang Sun
Article Title: The Effects of Modernization Perceived by Marx, Durkheim, and Weber
Author(s): Cheng Zhu