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Article Title : Research on Marketing Strategy of Ice-Snow Tourism in Arctic Village, Mohe County
Author(s) : Wei Gao, Xiaoguo Chang
Corresponding Author : Wei Gao
Keywords : Arctic Village, Mohe County; Ice-Snow Tourism; Marketing Strategy.

Thanks to the state's policy support for the Ice-Snow industry and the influence of the Winter Olympics, the Ice-Snow tourism resources in China are being developed and constructed in full swing. Arctic Village, Mohe County, the northernmost part of China is one of the key areas for tourism development in Heilongjiang Province, integrating forest, autumn fruit and winter snow. However, owing to the lack of innovation in marketing strategy and insufficient publicity, domestic and foreign markets have not been fully opened, and consumers' satisfaction and loyalty are not pretty high. This thesis will analyze the marketing environment of Arctic Village, Mohe County by means of SWOT analysis, and explore its marketing strategy of Ice-Snow tourism, in a bid to contribute to the further development and construction of Mohe Arctic Village Tourist Area.