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Article Title : Dynamic Impact Analysis of Urbanization Process, Industrial Structure and Ecological Efficiency in Jiangsu Province
Author(s) : Tiantian Lu, Yuanyuan Liu, Qinghua Pang
Corresponding Author : Qinghua Pang
Keywords : Super Efficiency DEA; Granger Causality Test; VAR Model.

The requirements of "strong economy, rich people, beautiful environment and high social civilization" put forward higher demands for Jiangsu's economic development, urbanization construction, industrial structure upgrading and ecological civilization construction level. In order to study the internal relations of the three, this paper established the index evaluation system of urbanization level, industrial structure level and ecological efficiency level in Jiangsu Province based on the statistical data of Jiangsu Province from 2003 to 2018. The index data of urbanization level and industrial structure level were determined based on the Entropy method, and the ecological efficiency level was measured based on super efficiency DEA model. Finally, VAR model was established to study the dynamic interaction and two-way causality among variables, and Impulse Response Analysis and Analysis of Variance were used to quantitatively study the influence relationship among the three variables under a certain prediction period. The results show that the urbanization construction and industrial structure upgrading in Jiangsu Province are interrelated and influenced by each other. The ecological efficiency of Jiangsu Province is influenced by urbanization level and industrial structure, but the main driving force comes from itself.