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Article Title : Study on Operation Optimization Strategy of Integrated Energy Service Operators under Peak and Valley Pricing Mechanism
Author(s) : Xiaoxuan Wang, Xiao Gao, Shi Tian, Chengren Li, Yanbin Li and Ming Zeng
Corresponding Author : Xiaoxuan Wang
Keywords : Scheduling Model; Electric Thermal Complementary System; Integrated Energy Service.

In order to realize the optimal economic operation of the electric thermal complementary system, this paper proposes an optimal scheduling model which takes into account the effective cooperation of multiple energy storage equipment. Based on the time-sharing price of electric power and thermal energy, the response quantity is described in detail from the aspects of load reduction and load transfer, effectively cooperate with the operation of multiple energy storage equipment, so as to minimize the operation cost of the system. In this paper, two scenarios are designed to compare and analyze the operation results. The effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by relevant examples. The simulation results show that the integrated energy service operators can design and plan energy conversion devices, give full play to the complementary characteristics of power load and load throw, maximize the system's consumption capacity, and further reduce the system operation cost.