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Article Title : Study on the Evolution Mechanism of Social Media Business Model based on Value Co-creation Theory: Taking Short Video Social Media TikTok as an Example
Author(s) : Enshu Gu, Sirui He and Jing Wu
Corresponding Author : Enshu Gu
Keywords : Social Media, Business Model, Evolution Mechanism, Value Co-creation Theory, TikTok.

In recent years, short video has become popular on the Internet with the characteristics of socialization, scene and intelligence. This study combines the characteristics of short video social media, takes tremolo as an example, and takes value creation as the theory to analyze the evolution of short video social media business model. In short-video social media, the process of value creation consists of four dynamic links: value integration, value matching, value interaction and value extension. Value integration refers to the process that social media integrates the value of stakeholders who use the cooperation agreement with the platform in the form of data. Value matching refers to the process in which short video social media acts as a value integrator and matches the user's data to the value demander. Value interaction means that short video social media stimulates users to further participate in value creation after being matched, and share information and transmit value in the form of feedback and interactive participation. Short-video social media absorbs information and acquires innovation ability in the process of value integration, value matching and value interaction, thus driving the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and realizing the extension of the relevant value of social media itself and value associates.