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Article Title : Research on Macro-control Methods and Effects of China's Real Estate
Author(s) : Qianwei Zhang
Corresponding Author : Qianwei Zhang
Keywords : Macro-control; Policy; Real Estate; China; Economic Means.

The contradiction between the rigid demand brought by rapid urbanization and the investment, speculative demand and tight urban land supply caused by the loose monetary environment are destined to become the focus of the Chinese government's real estate macro-control in the future. Understanding the mechanism and effects of macro-control policies in the real estate industry will help deepen public awareness of macro-control policies and improve the efficiency and scientifically of government macroeconomic decision-making. From the four aspects of monetary policy, fiscal policy, land policy and administration policy, the policy tools of real estate macro-control are systematically sorted out. It is believed that accelerating the implementation of real estate tax-based fiscal policies, gradually formulating the land supply policy for the integration of urban and rural construction land markets, and accelerating the implementation of interest rate market-oriented monetary policies should become the focus of future real estate macro-control.