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Article Title : Research on the Current Situation of College Students' Internet Consumption Finance and the Influencing Factors of Credit Risk
Author(s) : Qiuying Jin, Yuan Tian
Corresponding Author : Qiuying Jin
Keywords : College Students, Internet Consumption Finance, Credit Risk, Logistic Regression.

In recent years, the vicious events caused by the credit risk of College Students' Internet consumption finance are frequent, attracting people's attention. Based on the questionnaire survey of college students in China, this paper analyzes the current situation of College Students' Internet finance consumption, and finds that the Internet consumption finance market of college students has a broad prospect, but college students lack systematic and formal Internet consumption finance education, and there is a certain credit risk. On this basis, with the help of SPSS software, this paper quantitatively studies the influencing factors of College Students' Internet consumption financial credit risk by using binary logistic regression. The results show that the source of students, library loan return and monthly unnecessary credit consumption have significant impact on College Students' credit risk. This shows that the credit risk of College Students' Internet consumption finance is not only related to personal growth environment, but also to personal moral quality. Based on the questionnaire analysis and empirical results, this paper proposes that we should actively build a good campus environment, create a good family environment, strengthen the supervision system, and actively establish a credit system for college students, in order to prevent the credit risk of College Students' Internet consumption finance.