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Article Title : Research on the Influence Mechanism of Position Seeking on Employees' Work Behavior based on Target Behavior Theory
Author(s) : Guoyan Song, Lu Ma, Yiyi Wei, Peng Xie
Corresponding Author : Lu Ma
Keywords : Goal Behavior Theory; Status Seeking; Task Characteristics; Perception of Job Meaning; Employee Work Behavior.

Based on the target behavior theory, this paper deeply explores how status seeking affects employees' work behaviors. The main behaviors of employees mainly include employee initiative behavior and attendance behavior. According to the research results, employees’ status seeking behavior has a significant positive impact on their proactive behavior and attendance behavior, while the sense of work meaning is only intermediary between status seeking and employee behavior, that is, status seeking will enhance employees. At the same time, the task importance plays a moderating role, the higher the task importance, the more likely the employees are under the stimulus of seeking motivation, it can enhance the sense of meaning in work, thereby increasing work enthusiasm and improving work behavior.