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Article Title : Research on the Effect of Supply Side Structural Reform in Guangdong Furniture Industry
Author(s) : Shipei Du
Corresponding Author : Shipei Du
Keywords : Furniture Manufacturing Enterprises; The Structural Reform of Supply-side; Radar Chart Analysis.

In 2015, the central government proposed to strengthen the supply side structural reform to enhance the driving force of sustained economic growth. There is a serious mismatch between supply and demand in furniture manufacturing enterprises. The implementation of supply side structural reform is a necessary means to speed up enterprise De stocking, reduce financial risk and improve profitability. This paper first expounds the necessity of implementing the supply side structural reform in furniture manufacturing enterprises; then, from the perspective of financial statement analysis, using the principle of radar chart analysis, constructs a financial index system to investigate the implementation effect of the supply side structural reform of furniture manufacturing enterprises, and takes nine listed furniture enterprises in Guangdong Province as the research object to analyze the implementation of the supply side structural reform Effect. The results show that the supply side structural reform of Guangdong furniture industry has achieved remarkable results; finally, specific suggestions and measures are put forward to implement the supply side structural reform.