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Article Title : Comprehensive Research on the Business Model of Logistics Enterprises in the Era of Big Data
Author(s) : Junting Li, Wenwen Qiu
Corresponding Author : Junting Li
Keywords : Big Data; Logistics Enterprises; Business Model Innovation.

With the proposal of "digital infrastructure", the transformation of traditional logistics to modern logistics has become an inevitable requirement of industry development. Conforming to the change of business model and observing the trend of business model evolution is the key to control the development of the industry and create sustainable competitive advantage. Through the analysis of the internal and external driving factors and the development frontier of logistics enterprises, we can see that the future development direction of logistics enterprises is to deeply tap the market demand, build intelligent logistics information system and realize fine management. It is the general trend of the traditional business model to achieve innovation by upgrading the value proposition from the user, integrating economic activities to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the value chain, increasing the source of profit to enhance the ability to create value. Therefore, the article from the value proposition innovation, the value chain innovation, the profit model innovation three aspects to explore the logistics enterprise business model innovation way, has certain practical value.