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Article Title : Influencing Factor Analysis on Innovation Ability of the City Clusters in China's Three Greater Bay Area
Author(s) : Jinwei Huang
Corresponding Author : Jinwei Huang
Keywords : Bay Area Innovation; Region Innovation; China's Three Greater Bay Areas.

The Bay Areas are important platforms for regional participation in international competition and cooperation, and are also important growth poles leading global economic development and scientific and technological innovation. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), the Great Bay Area around Hangzhou Bay and the Great Bay Area around Bohai Sea have become hot areas for Economic development in China. This paper collects the relevant data of the three famous Bay areas in China and builds a multiple linear regression model for empirical analysis, and makes an in-depth study on the influencing factors of the Bay Area's innovation ability. The results show that economic development level, government policies, innovation investment, R & D personnel, talent cultivation and other factors are the main driving forces of innovation in the Bay Area. Based on the results from regression, this paper will demonstrate some referential and promotable institutional achievements that are beneficial for law amendment and put forward practical, suitable, and widely-applicable reform suggestions for each Bay Area.