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Article Title : Research on Personal Medical Loan under Bank-Medical Cooperation Mode
Author(s) : Yao Xu
Corresponding Author : Yao Xu
Keywords : Medical Loans; Logit Model; Credit Risk; Bank-medical Cooperation.

In recent years, the competition among banks has intensified, and the demand for financial innovation and business expansion has increased. Then, the initial establishment and continuous improvement of the civil health insurance system have narrowed the gap in medical expenditure among different economic groups. However, as far as the current medical insurance policy is concerned, it has not completely improved the fact that it is difficult and expensive for Chinese residents to see a doctor. The expenditure of an individual on medical treatment accounts for the proportion of household income cannot be ignored. Although medical loans have long been proposed, they have hardly been implemented by banks. The root cause is that the risks are too great. Therefore, this paper first analyzes the development status of medical loans through literature study, the current situation of people's views on the medical loans, and the main risk it faces. Then based on Logit model and multivariate Regression analysis of credit risk in medical loans and its influencing factors. Finally, a kind of new bank-medical cooperative medical loan model consisting of banks, insurance institutions, hospitals and customers is put forward, and relevant suggestions are also put forward to disperse the main problems faced by medical loans.