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Article Title : Research on Cultural Value and Countermeasure of International Dissemination of Peking Opera
Author(s) : Yiming Cuihong
Corresponding Author : Yiming Cuihong
Keywords : Peking Opera, Overseas Communication, Cross-cultural Exchange, Countermeasures
DOI : 10.23977/adcs.2019.125

The effective dissemination of Chinese Peking Opera abroad is an important strategy for contemporary Chinese culture to enter the world. Since Peking Opera was spread abroad in 1919, it has a history of nearly one hundred years. It can be divided into three stages and has had an important impact. Under the background of globalization, new changes have taken place in the mode of transmission of Chinese Peking Opera overseas, which not only embodies the unique charm of Peking Opera art but also has some problems in the overseas dissemination of Chinese Peking Opera. This research group has conducted an empirical study on the effectiveness of English translation in the overseas dissemination of Peking Opera and put forward some countermeasures to promote the overseas dissemination and cross-cultural exchange of Peking Opera in China.