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Article Title : The Fusion of New and Old of Historical Private Houses in Luzhi Ancient Town of Suzhou-- Taking Xiaozhai as an Example
Author(s) : Xin Fu, Shujun Wang
Corresponding Author : Xin Fu
Keywords : Luzhi town, historical residential architecture, new and old
DOI : 10.23977/adcs.2019.115

Luzhi ancient town, as an town with 2500 years of history, has many rivers, bridges, lanes, private houses, and celebrities. The historical residence of Luzhi town is a vital carrier for the culture of Jiangnan Water Village and a living fossil of social history. This paper probes the problems are existing in the historical house of Luzhi ancient town from the perspective of the protection and renewal of historical private houses, new and old buildings in combination with new and conventional elements. Taking Xiaozhai- historical private houses- as an example, this paper implements the analysis, and constructs the strategies suitable for the protection of ancient town private houses, aiming to inherit and activate the history and culture of Luzhi town private houses and to continue the historical features of Luzhi town.