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Article Title : Appraisal of Shop Window Design Strategies of Brand Clothing from the Perceptual Perspective
Author(s) : Jie Qiu, Siqin Hu
Corresponding Author : Jie Qiu
Keywords : Perceptual psychology, shop window design, user's perception
DOI : 10.23977/adcs.2019.107

It is necessary to consider the audiences' psychology when studying shop window design from perceptual comprehension, selectivity and constancy. Method: reading and sorting out the issues related to display design in audiences' perception research, and making market surveys with specific design methods, taking the users' perceptual needs as the first-hand information of the research, the analysis and research are carried out from then on, and the simulation scheme of the research is drawn up. Conclusion: In the shop window design, the designers not only need to consider the shop window style, exhibits, lighting, props, colors, etc., but also pay special attention to the perceptual needs of the audiences, it is a need to deeply dig the audiences' inner emotions, this kind of design has high requirements and great difficulties, but because of this enterprises can gain advantages in the fierce market competition.