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Article Title : Application Value and Prospect of Virtual Reality Technology in Display Space Design
Author(s) : Jiahao Yin, Kai Cao
Corresponding Author : Kai Cao
Keywords : Virtual reality, Display space, User experience, interactive
DOI : 10.23977/adcs.2019.106

In the information age, the continuous update of science and technology has brought the rapid development of virtual reality technology, and it has been applied in many industries. At the same time, a large number of information communication needs also put forward more requirements on contemporary exhibition space design. Virtual reality technology can break the limitations of space and time in previous exhibition space design, strengthen the interaction between the audience and the exhibition information, and make them understand the exhibition more quickly. This paper aims to discuss the application value of virtual reality technology in contemporary exhibition space design and the future application prospect in exhibition space through the analysis and summary of the current relevant literature and actual development of virtual reality, and finally profoundly understand the possibility and importance of this technology in exhibition space design.