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Article Title : Music Characteristics and Creative Elements of Shaanxi Erhu Works
Author(s) : Chen Xi
Corresponding Author : Chen Xi
Keywords : Music, Erhu, Shaanxi, the element
DOI : 10.23977/adcs.2019.116

Shaanxi has long history, Shaanxi culture also called Qin culture. Shaanxi culture has distinct local characteristics. Because of the influence of local culture, erhu in Shaanxi also has strong local characteristic, reflect the distinct characteristics of northern Shaanxi, including the erhu. Many erhu work show the strong local culture of northern Shaanxi. Local music works, such as “living with a wandering life”, “flowing clouds and flowing water” and “happy Qin chuan”, form a unique local music culture, which is an important part of northern Shaanxi culture. Qiao jian Zhong, as a national music scholar, pointed out: “the formation of any art genre is not by one or two people or one or two works, it must have a ‘inheritance belt’ composed of several generations of artists, and it must have a series of representative repertoire and the techniques and styles formed from it.”