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Article Title : On the Characteristics and Innovative Application of Gaomi Paper-cut
Author(s) : Lijun Wang
Corresponding Author : Lijun Wang
Keywords : Gaomi Paper-cut; Characteristic; Innovation; Application.

As one of China's intangible cultural, paper-cuts also is one of China’s traditional folk art. Shandong Gaomi paper-cut, integrated the vigorousness of Hebei Paper-cutting, the roughness of Shanxi Paper-cutting, and the delicateness of Jiangnan Paper-cutting, form unique artistic style of simple but not monotonous and smart through communication, learning, integrate the south with the north. Most of its themes are historical legends, myths, opera characters, flowers, birds, grass and insects, etc. and it usually serves for local customs and daily life. The article summarizes the modeling characteristics and expression ways of characters and animals starting from analyzing the current situation of the development of Gaomi paper-cut and the reason for its obstacles. As a result, develop and innovate Gaomi paper-cut to better to adapt to the times, combining design in graphics innovation, materials innovation and applications innovation. The paper also shows the angle and method of innovation in detail of some design works. As a design innovator, we have the obligation and responsibility to protect intangible cultural heritage, we should also do a good job in the inheritance and innovation of it, to make Chinese traditional folk-art shine.