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Article Title : Countermeasures of Elderly Nursing Education Serving the Elderly Industry from the Perspective of "Combination of Medical Care and Nursing Care"
Author(s) : Qingxin Zhu
Corresponding Author : Qingxin Zhu
Keywords : Combination of Medical Care and Nursing; Elderly Nursing Education; Old Age Industry; Nursing Talents.

With the aggravation of China's aging population, the function of providing for the aged, which is mainly based on family care, is weakening, and the health care services for the elderly need to increase sharply. It is an inevitable trend for the development of an aging society to take the road of "combining medical care with nursing care". Nursing education for the elderly has become a bottleneck restricting the healthy aging development of society. Therefore, it has become an important issue for China to intensify the education reform and train the urgently needed talents for aged care as soon as possible. Constantly strengthening the reform of aged nursing education and cultivating high-quality aged nursing professionals are the key to meet the needs of the future society for aged nursing. This paper discusses the aged nursing education from the perspective of "combination of medical care and nursing", and analyzes the countermeasures for the aged nursing education to serve the aged industry, in order to provide help for better developing aged nursing and training nursing talents.