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Article Title : An Overview of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition
Author(s) : Jiayin Zhang
Corresponding Author : Jiayin Zhang
Keywords : Motivation; Second Language Acquisition; Theoretical Framework.

In the field of Second Language Acquisition, the study of L2 motivation has seen an unprecedented boom during the past decade. The purpose of this paper is to summarize motivation in terms of definition, classification and theoretical framework. There are internal and external factors influencing second language learning. Motivation, as an important internal factor, profoundly affects the success of second language acquisition. The definition of motivation is multi-level and non-absolute, and different scholars have given a variety of definitions of motivation from different perspectives. Motivation can be classified in three main ways: (1) integrative & Instrumental motivation (2) Extrinsic motivation & intrinsic motivation (3) Global, Situational and task motivation. Finally, the paper introduces four theoretical frameworks of motivation: (1) Three-level theory of Dörnyei (2) Deci and Ryan's Self-determination Theory (3) Investment theory of Norton (4) Dörnyei 's L2 Motivational Self System, then argues with each theory. This paper tries to make a holistic introduction to the motivation research in SLA field.