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Article Title : Intimacy and Alienation: Family Intimate Relationship in Binary Field based on Text Analysis of the Epidemic Diary
Author(s) : Lujiao Zeng
Corresponding Author : Lujiao Zeng
Keywords : Intimacy; Alienation; Intimate Relationship; Binary Field; Epidemic.

Based on the text analysis of the epidemic diary, this paper attempts to present a picture of the intimate relationship construction of the family as the basic unit fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic through writing ethnography. This study finds that family intimate relationship in the reality and virtual fields during the epidemic shows a special state of coexistence of intimacy and alienation in the abnormal situation. In the reality field, the practice of ascending care and the information gap between generations highlight the characteristics of alienation of intimacy. In the virtual field, the network space empowers the digital intimacy under the condition of spatial alienation, and the community presents the state of “extended family solidarity”. By exploring the construction logic of family intimate relationship in the context of the epidemic, this paper hopes to provide research ideas and empirical support for the research of family intimate relationship and the construction of the community with shared ethics in the post-epidemic era.