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Article Title : Research on Strategies of Telling China's Red Stories from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication
Author(s) : Yunxuan Zhuo
Corresponding Author : Yunxuan Zhuo
Keywords : Cross-cultural Communication; China’s Red Story; Communication Effect.

With the rapid development of China, speeches deliberately smearing China’s image have become increasingly loud. Under such circumstances, it is of great significance to tell China’s red stories and spread China’s voice. On the one hand, it will help people around the world understand China’s unique culture formed in the long history of revolutionary struggle and eliminate international prejudice and misunderstanding about China. On the other hand, it can promote China’s culture to the world and expand China’s international influence. Based on this, this paper combines Lasswell’s “5W mode” and the “context theory” and “cultural dimension” in Cross-cultural communication to analyze the dissemination dilemma of China’s red stories from the perspective of Cross-cultural communication. On this basis, the paper proposes communication strategies with both methodological significance and practical operation, in order to provide reference for improving the communication effect of China’s red stories.