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Article Title : Comparative Study of the Construction Femininity of Chinese Female Medical Personnel Against COVID-19 Reported in China Daily and the New York Times from Perspective of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Author(s) : Chenxing Zhang and Yuanzhe Li
Corresponding Author : Chenxing Zhang
Keywords : Functional Linguistics; Communication; Femininity; Comparative Analysis; Critical Discourse Analysis; Affective Metaphor.

In the complex and volatile arena of international public opinion, the construction of China's national image has become a hot topic. With the recurrence of the COVID-19, there has been a steady stream of reports from home and abroad about China's medical personnel, much of which has been about the women who have been the backbone of the fight against the pandemic. Since the 18th Party Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasised that " women are no inferior to men", and in the fight against the pandemic, the image of China's female medical personnel is an important vehicle for the national image. As representatives of the Chinese and American mainstream media, the China Daily and The New York Times play an important role in the construction of China's image. From the perspective of critical discourse analysis, this research explores the image of female medical professionals constructed by the Chinese and American media, focusing on whether the Chinese and American reporting media change their previous stereotypical construction and whether they present the true image of Chinese female medical professionals. The study found that the American media tended to construct images negatively, while the Chinese media focused on conveying relevant information positively. From a linguistic point of view, the use of modal verbs in reporting should be reduced to enhance its viewability; from a communication point of view, its framing theory reminds readers of the subjective frames set by the communicators, and further thought needs to be given to the specific solutions.