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Article Title : The "Continuation and Development" of the Architectural Landscape of Lifen in the Historic District-- Taking Hanrunli as an Example
Author(s) : Jie Qiu, Yue Sun, Yixuan Fan
Corresponding Author : Jie Qiu
Keywords : Lifen Architecture; History and Culture; Renovation and Design; Continuation and Development.

The Lifen Architecture in Wuhan is a special product of the integration of colonial culture and Western architecture in the Hankou leased area. It was once a testimony to the exchange of modern architectural culture between China and the West. Because of its unique social and historical background, it bears an indispensable part of the outstanding historical residential buildings in modern China. part. Based on the concept of "continuity and development" as the research source, the article explores the historical and cultural value and current situation of Hanrunli in Wuhan Lifen's architecture, and its impact on Hanrunli Lifen's architectural landscape on the basis of retaining the long history and culture. Repair and protect. Look at Han Runli from the perspective of development and blend its excellent history and culture with modern design civilization. And taking this research as an example, it provides a new mode of thinking for the future research on the protection and regeneration of historical buildings and constructs specific and implementable design strategies for it.