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Article Title : The Advancement and Limitations of Female in Astronomer's Wife from the Perspective of Gaze Theory
Author(s) : Shujin Wang
Corresponding Author : Shujin Wang
Keywords : Gaze; Astronomer's Wife; Female Consciousness; Advancement; Limitation.

Kay Boyle's short story Astronomer's Wife shows the process of women gradually acquiring self-consciousness and reconstructing herself in gaze and reverse gaze. Mrs. Ames is domesticated into an obedient wife by her husband's repressive and contemptuous gaze, and she realizes that she does not have to obey her husband under the relatively equal and natural gaze of the plumber. These two gazes on her repress her personality and help her to reexamine respectively. Mrs. Ames's reverse gazes are based on the perspective of two men, and the advancement is revealed that she does not gaze them with real female perspective and her own views, and fails to shake off her dependence on men. In gazing at each other with two completely different men, Mrs. Ames realizes the awakening of female consciousness to a certain extent, but inevitably becomes a follower of men. The gaze based on unequal power relations cannot be completely equal and women's progress is restricted by social and economic factors.