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Article Title : Reflections On the Construction of Urban Culture Brand in Wuzhen Drama Festival
Author(s) : Yexuan Gu
Corresponding Author : Yexuan Gu
Keywords : Wuzhen Drama Festival; Cultural brand construction; Literary and artistic ecological construction

This work mainly discussed the mutual influence and promotion of Wuzhen Drama Festival and local urban culture, and gradually established a distinctive cultural brand. Wuzhen's literary life gathers the world's artistic nourishment, and culture nourishes life, and life feeds back culture. As Lai Shengchuan, the founder of Wuzhen Drama Festival, inculcated to Wuzhen: "Our original intention is to open a window for the world to see China, and then let China open a window to see the world". Based on the cultural reality, Wuzhen Drama Festival has built a comprehensive cultural exchange platform. It is of great benefit to the cultural brand construction of the whole city to exchange the traditional folk culture with western art and build a free and harmonious exchange platform. At the same time, the main characteristics and experience of Wuzhen cultural brand construction can also be used as a reference for the current characteristic town brand construction