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Article Title : The Influence of Brand Uniqueness on Consumers' Brand Attitudes
Author(s) : Wei Zhao, Hang Li
Corresponding Author : Wei Zhao
Keywords : Personification; Mental Perception Theory; Stereotype Content Model; Warmth Perception; Ability Perception; Self-construction; Brand Attitude.

Brand uniqueness refers to consumers' perception of the brand as real individuals with emotions, minds, souls, and conscious behaviors. It is a widely used brand marketing strategy . Previous studies are mostly based on the comparison between anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic, which confirms the positive effect of uniqueness on brand attitude and brand evaluation, but uniqueness brings positive effects under certain conditions. This research explores the influence of the interaction of brand uniqueness on consumer brand attitudes to the perspective of two different brands positioning, uniqueness and popular popularity, and explains the psychological mechanism behind it based on mental perception theory and stereotype content model, warm perception and the mediating role of perception of ability, and at the same time examine the moderating role of Self-construction typed in it. This research enriches theoretical and empirical research in the fields of brand uniqueness, mental perception theory, stereotype content model, Self-construction, and provides a reference to companies to use personification strategies more reasonably in marketing practices.