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Article Title : Effect of Application of Refined Management Mode in Breast Cancer Care
Author(s) : Sihan Li
Corresponding Author : Sihan Li
Keywords : Breast Cancer; Nursing; Complications; Satisfaction; Quality of Life.

Breast cancer, which is the number one cancer in women, has witnessed an increased incidence every year in recent years. In some large and medium cities like Beijing and Shanghai, breast cancer has became the number one heal killer of women. Currently, the preferable or main means of treatment of breast cancer is radical incision operation assisted with postoperative chemotherapy. However, operative stress causes great physiological and psychological influence to patients, hindering their treatment and rehabilitation. In order to better satisfy the demand of patients on various aspects, a novel care mode of nursing interference has been proposed in medical mode reform. Implementation of timely and effective nursing interference is particularly important for improving therapeutic effect and living quality of patients. In this paper, a comparison was made between the patients who were provided with refined nursing after radical operation and patients with routine nursing in our hospital, to discuss the value of application of refined nursing in clinical nursing.