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Article Title : Exploration on the Concept of Overconsumption under the Perspective of Green Marketing
Author(s) : Li Pan
Corresponding Author : Li Pan
Keywords : Green Marketing; Overconsumption; Concept.

Many consumers take into account environmental factors when purchasing products nowadays. Furthermore, influenced by the economic depression, consumers begin to advocate "less is more" lifestyle. Many enterprises have also adopted the strategy of green marketing and volume reduction marketing, but this will still lead to overconsumption of consumer. There are few studies that have a clear definition for overconsumption at present. Therefore, on the basis of the perspective of green marketing, this research explores the concept of overconsumption from the relationship between green marketing and overconsumption, the forms of over-consumption, and the definition of overconsumption. This research believes that overconsumption includes over-purchasing and excessive consumption two forms, but it cannot be outlined and measured simply by "more purchase" or "more consumption", and it should be understood from narrow and broad sense. The conclusions of this research can provide theoretical reference for the research field of overconsumption.