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Article Title : Analysis of Guangdong's Economic Vitality
Author(s) : Fan Yang
Corresponding Author : Fan Yang
Keywords : KMO Test; Factor Analysis; Policy Recommendations.

With the sustained development of reform and opening-up economy, the sudden growth of regional economy also comes. In order to enable local governments to make rational planning and have a positive impact on the local, many places are constantly exploring the methods and factors of local economic growth. Mastering the key factors has become a necessary condition. First, the impact on regional economic activity is analyzed from the perspectives of demographic trends and business activity trends. We have selected ten indicators, such as GDP per capita, tertiary sector of the economy value added and resident population in Guangdong Province. We use SPSS software to analyze the factors, determining the impact factors and the impact degree. Then, we find the relevant economic policies of Guangdong Province in recent years and analyze the influence degree according to the mathematical model, and obtains the short-term and long-term effects of the economic policy change on the economic vitality of Guangdong Province. In conclusion, we use KMO test to eliminate the interference of unreasonable indexes, and use SPSS software to carry out factor analysis of the MODEL. The model has a good adaptability, and universal.