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Article Title : Review Research on the Influencing Factors of Overconsumption
Author(s) : Li Pan
Corresponding Author : Li Pan
Keywords : Overconsumption; Influencing Factor; Review.

The overconsumption has become a major problem facing the world nowadays, whether the waste and exhaustion of resources caused by overconsumption, or obesity caused by eating too much unhealthy food, etc. In recent years, studies on overconsumption have shown a growing trend, but few people have conducted retrospective research on the issue of overconsumption. Therefore, this research program conducts the retrospective analysis in accordance with the literatures on overconsumption in the last decade, after comprehensive analysis and research of the literatures, this research program believes that overconsumption can be regarded as two dimensions, there are Over-purchasing and excessive consumption, respectively, and the causes which influence overconsumption can be divided into internal level and external level. The study of this research program can provide theoretical basis for subsequent related research, and can also provide lessons for the practice field and public policy making departments.