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Article Title : US Security Market under COVID-19 Pandemic
Author(s) : Chengxi Lu, Zhonglei Sun, Zhiqi Pan, Zhengkai Wei, Tianyi Xu
Corresponding Author : Zhonglei Sun
Keywords : Covid-19; US treasury; CCP

Due to the COVID-19 crisis happened last March, the fluidity of US treasury security market has decreased sharply. (Duffie) The government securities market plays an important role in the financial market in   In the United States. However, the security of government bonds was doubted especially after the breakout of COVID-19. Through the concept and connotation, the paper analyzes and compares characteristics on term, face value and price of the government bonds based on the division of government bonds into four categories namely Treasury Bills (T-Bills), Treasury Notes (T-Notes), Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).   The paper compares the US. economic data in 2020 before March with data during last twenty years and analyses signs of strain emerged in its government bond market index.   Finally, the paper draws the solution called CCP and gives its definition, structure, significance and implementing methods to help the US. government to mitigate the economic risks.