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Article Title : Research on the shaping and management of public persona by Vlog from the perspective of dramaturgical theory——taking Xu Lu's Vlog as an example
Author(s) : Xinyu Jiang
Corresponding Author : Xinyu Jiang
Keywords : Vlog; public persona; dramaturgical theory

As the short video industry gradually becomes saturated, Vlog has experienced explosive growth in the video field. In recent years, the shaping and the management of public persona have also become important means of attracting more fans and increasing their loyalty. As a supplement to the formal performance, Vlog meets the needs of public persona shaping and management with individuation and personification. As the celebrities participate in Vlog creation one after another, a new wave of Vlog development has been set off in China. This article uses content analysis, combined with the perspective of Erving Goffman's dramaturgical theory, to explore the internal connection between the content production and the communication effects of the star’s Vlog and its persona shaping as well as management. That is, the star uses the Vlog to set the situation, perform and complete the post production, providing a stage for the behaviors on “front stage” or in “central area”. After that, the star perfects the performance with behaviors on back stage, so as to realize the creation and maintenance of the public persona.