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Article Title : On the Research Value of Zhifo Chen's Meticulous Flower and Bird Painting from the Perspective of Art Market
Author(s) : Jianli Li
Corresponding Author : Jianli Li
Keywords : Zhifo Chen; Paintings of Flowers and Birds; Art Market; Artistic Value.

Zhifo Chen is not only a famous modern art educator and craft artist, but also a famous painter of fine brushwork flower-and-bird painting. The artistic characteristics and aesthetic style of his fine brushwork are unique in the fine brushwork circle. Although many people have studied his pattern design and meticulous flower-and-bird painting artistic style, few people have studied the artistic value of his meticulous paintings from the aspect of art market. This paper tries to expatiate the artistic value of his meticulous flower-and-bird paintings from the perspective of art market acceptance in order to understand the cultural value of his meticulous paintings from a deeper level. The collection price of ZhifoChen's meticulous flower-and-bird paintings has always been lower than the artistic value of the paintings themselves, and we are constantly exploring various reasons for this phenomenon. Zhifo Chen's flower-and-bird paintings, based on traditional flower-and-bird paintings, create an original painting style that combines both work and writing. It is also unique in the history of modern painting. The flowers, birds, insects and animals in his paintings have both shapes and spirits, which are realistic and natural, reflecting a strong flavor of life and aroking people's memories of life interest and yearning for objective nature. All of these reflect the unique artistic value of Chen Zhifo's meticulous brushwork. In combination with the painting style of Zhifo Chen's meticulous flower-and-bird painting, this paper attempts to explore the artistic value and research value of his meticulous flower-and-bird painting from the perspective of the art market, and to understand the deeper causes of this phenomenon.