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Article Title : The Application of Text Graphics in Movie Posters
Author(s) : Zhenlin Zhang, Shangke Deng
Corresponding Author : Zhenlin Zhang
Keywords : Text; Graphics; Movie Posters.

Movies, as a medium of information transmission, appear more and more frequently in the sight of the public. Movies give the audience more visual and auditory stimulation and freshness. The audience of movie culture has gradually expanded, and movie culture has gradually become popular culture. The movies shown in the theater come from all over the world, showing the integration of diverse cultures and the uniqueness of the cultures of various ethnic groups. It not only spreads the worldview and ethnic culture of all ethnic groups, but also brings objective economic benefits. The publicity before the film is released has increased. valued. As a business card for film and television works, movie posters bear and show the type and connotation of movies. It is an important step in movie promotion. The text in the movie poster also carries important information. This article will analyze the function of the movie poster and the graphical representation of the text. A more in-depth exploration of the way of presentation in the poster.