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Article Title : A Brief Analysis of the Fusion and Artistic Expression of Chinese Elements and Foreign Music in the Opera Turandot
Author(s) : Chao Gui
Corresponding Author : Chao Gui
Keywords : Opera; Combination of Chinese and Foreign Music; Artistic Characteristics.

"Turandot" has a very important position in the world music art hall. It has always been one of the most popular opera works. It is loved by the masses of the people. It is the three acts of Puccini, the famous composer of Italy, based on the fairy tale, and is the greatest work of Puccini. One of his products is also the last work of his life. "Turandot" tells the story of a westerner in the imagination of the China legend for the people. The opera has a strong artistic appeal, giving the audience an auditory feast. in this paper, by collecting a large number of relevant materials, the author makes a comprehensive analysis of the background, artistic features, the combination of Chinese and foreign music, the analysis of singing, and the influence of the music in the music, and fully embodies the artistic form of this song.