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Article Title : Problems and Countermeasures of Social Psychological Cognition in “Infodemic”
Author(s) : Yaying Wu
Corresponding Author : Yaying Wu
Keywords : COVID-19 epidemic; social media; group panic; media dependence; selective cognition

The outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has triggered the spread of "infodemic" in cyberspace. In the era of social media, it presents the characteristics of "virus " with fast speed, wide range and deep influence. This paper interprets the spread of “infodemic” from the perspective of social psychological cognition. The experience of major health events in the past has left the pubilc with "psychological sequelae";During the epidemic period, the public presented the social emotion of group panic and the psychological needs of media dependence, and had the psychological cognitive limitations of selective cognition. Based on this, this paper gives corresponding strategies from the media, the government, the public and so on. The media should adhere to the double standards of self-discipline and heteronomy,and grasp the principle of professionalism and bridge role playing,so as to meet the goverment from the top and the public from the bottom.The government should adhere to the "people-oriented" principle and standard, and do a good job in information control, public opinion guidance, media literacy and crisis awareness education of the public.The public should also do a good job of improving themselves from the bottom up while relying on virtuous norms from the top down.