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EEIM 2021: Statement of Peer Review
Article Title : Statement of Peer Review: 4th International Conference on e-Education, e-Business and Information Management (EEIM 2021)
Author(s) : Zhuangwen Cai, Hongyan Yue

In submitting conference proceedings to BCP Conference Series, the editors of the conference certify to the Publisher (Boya Century Publishing) that:

1.Conference editors adhere to Boya Century Publishing’s policy on publishing ethics and publishing integrity to safeguard good scientific practice in publishing.

2.All articles have been subjected to peer review administered by the conference editors.

3.Reviews selected by the conference editors, have been conducted by expert referees, who have been requested to provide unbiased and constructive comments aimed.

4.Conference editors have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the materials they publish and their decision to accept or reject a paper for publication has been based only on the merits of the work and the relevance to the topics of the conference.