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Article Title : Higher Education Health Evaluation System Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Author(s) : Bai Hao
Corresponding Author : Bai Hao
Keywords : national higher education; fuzzy comprehensive evaluation; factor analysis; time series analysis.

It is important for each country to have a healthy and sustainable higher education system. In this paper, we establish a model for evaluating the health level of higher education. The paper evaluates the higher education in eleven countries and puts forward some improvement policies for China’s higher education. First, in order to evaluate the fuzzy concept of health, we decide to use the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Finally, the higher education health grade of 11 countries is obtained. Second, taking China as an example, we determine the reasonable vision for the future development of higher education in China from the perspective of maximizing the membership degree of each index to health. Third, we use factor analysis method to reduce dimensions, and get three new indicators: population structure, international influence, and educational independence. Then we formulate the higher education development policy for 2021-2025. Finally, we test the sensitivity of the model and it proves that our model still has a strong stability under the disturbance of the disturbed data.