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Article Title : The influence of e-commerce on international economy and trade under the background of "Internet +"
Author(s) : Meixuan Li, Yanru Lu, Feiran Su
Corresponding Author : Meixuan Li
Keywords : Internet technology; product distribution; background; application; new development.

The development of science and technology drives the development of society and the prosperity of all walks of life. In particular, the information and communication network and technology are sweeping the world at an incredible pace. The digital world makes it possible for the products and services around the world to be traded almost instantly. The new economy, characterized by the Internet and e-commerce, permeates industries, reorganizes global wealth and becomes an important measure for national economic policy making. With the rapid development of China's logistics industry, it has become popular with an early start, faster development and higher benefit to the national economy. However, it should be noted that in recent years, the wholesale, warehousing and large retail enterprises in the trade and logistics industry have been faced with operational difficulties, and many of them are even on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition to that, influence of external market environment and system, dependency on traditional extensive management model, low informatization level, and inability to adapt development requirements of the time makes the situation even worse. In order to change this situation, many enterprises have introduced Internet technology, and caused a great change in the field of commerce and trade. This paper mainly discusses the wide application and development significance of Internet technology in the field of commercial product distribution.