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Article Title : Analysis of Enterprise Strategy, Finance and Prospect based on Harvard Analytical Framework-- Taking Ali as an Example
Author(s) : Eric Fan
Corresponding Author : Eric Fan
Keywords : Enterprises Strategy; Financial Analysis; The Harvard Analytical Framework.

The internet is changing people’s life day by day, and the internet companies are also increasingly affected human’s life. The popularity of the internet has given new vitality to the company. Internet companies are highly active in China’s market, which has attracted attention from all walks of life. In today’s internet era, the information explosion has triggered the development of online shopping. Online shopping has gradually become a well-known new fashion, which plays a strong driving role in the E-commerce development. This paper uses Harvard analytical framework to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Alibaba, and compares Alibaba’s profit model with, a leading E-commerce in B2C industry. It is expected to provide theoretical and practical reference for the optimization and upgrading of China’s internet enterprises. The first part is the background analysis, which mainly explains the industry background, the basic situation of Alibaba and the concept of Harvard analysis framework. The second part is the strategic analysis, according to the idea of what is strategy, why put forward the strategy, and why to achieve profit through the strategy to analyze the strategic model of Alibaba. And then, this paper analyzes the financial situation of Alibaba, including profitability analysis and operational analysis, to have an overview of financial position of Ali. Finally, the prospects of Ali and the whole industry are demonstrated, and relevant suggestions and conclusions are given.