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Article Title : The Orientation Talent Cultivation Mode "4341" in the Automotive Service Engineering based on Post-market Technology
Author(s) : Zhaowen Deng, Wei Gao
Corresponding Author : Zhaowen Deng
Keywords : Automobile Service Engineering; Orientation Talent Cultivation; After-sales Service; Advanced Applied Talents; Post-market Technology.

Based on the research of enterprises and universities, in order to meet the needs of industry and social development, the orientation talent cultivation of automobile service engineering professionals in our school was connected with the post-sales service post of automobile production enterprises. According to the pyramid structure characteristics of automobile service talents, the orientation talent cultivation mode "4341" in the field of automobile post-market technology was preliminarily established, and according to the cultivation of thought of "thick foundation, wide specialization and moderate, paying attention to application and strengthening ability ", combining with the characteristics of professional construction in domestic colleges and universities, the core competitiveness of "knowing technology, managing and serving well " was strengthened. The orientation talent cultivation mode ”4341” in the automobile service engineering suitable for the development of our school was determined through the continuous optimization and summaries, and the effect of talent training is obvious.