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Article Title : Study of Huawei's Impact on the World in the Light of America's Crackdown on Huawei
Author(s) : Deyu Chen
Corresponding Author : Deyu Chen
Keywords : Huawei; Wolf Culture; Smart Phones; 5G Technology.

Huawei, as a private communication technology company producing and selling communication equipment, is the pride of The Chinese people and a business card of China facing the world. Today, Huawei's 5G technology leads the world and has made remarkable achievements, exerting a significant impact on the world's communication industry. In 2020, a trade war with China to play to hot, and the United States on China's high-tech suppression can be said to be doing all they can, among them, to blow towards China has become the Gary, in this paper, starting from the development of the birth of Huawei, Huawei, introduce the Wolf culture's influence on the corporate world, Huawei smartphone impact on the world and Huawei 5 g technology impact on the world, as a global enterprise, and further shows that Huawei are paying attention to their own development at the same time, also bear the corresponding responsibility, promote the social harmony and progress.