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Article Title : Research on the Resource Allocation Efficiency of Physical Retail, Online Retail, and Omni-channel Retail Companies
Author(s) : Yan Zeng
Corresponding Author : Yan Zeng
Keywords : Physical Retail Company; Online Retail Company; Omni-channel Retail Company; DEA-Malmquist; Resource Allocation Efficiency.

This paper uses the DEA-Malmquist method to measure the efficiency and decomposition of 78 listed retail companies in China from 2015 to 2019. The results show that: First, the technical efficiency of listed retail companies is 0.724, indicating that the efficiency of resource allocation is at a good level; the total factor productivity efficiency growth rate is 6.8%, showing an upward trend, of which technical efficiency has increased by 7.7%, and technological progress has only increased by 1%; second, the online retail listed companies have the highest technical efficiency values, Channel retail listed companies rank in the middle, and pure physical retail listed companies are the lowest; the resource allocation efficiency of omni-channel retail listed companies and online retail companies is showing an upward trend, while pure physical retail companies are showing a downward trend; third, among omni-channel retail listed companies The efficiency gap is relatively large; omni-channel retail companies headquartered in first-tier cities are more efficient; omni-channel retail companies have a single format, mostly department stores and supermarkets.