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Article Title : Research on Brand Reconstruction of Yue-Sai
Author(s) : Ting Ye
Corresponding Author : Ting Ye
Keywords : Yue-Sai; Rebranding; Cosmetics; L’Oreal.

Yue-Sai was once a popular premium brand in China before it was acquired by L'Oréal in 2004, but has since fallen out of favour. Recognizing this trend, L'Oreal has decided to use Yue-Sai as its flagship brand in China's local cosmetics market to compete for market share. To this end, in 2018, L'Oréal Group started the rebranding of the Yue-Sai brand. This paper mainly uses consumer behavior analysis and SWOT analysis to analyze the environment of the Yue-Sai brand, and finds that there are still problems in the rebranding of Yue-Sai, such as aging brand image and ambiguous brand positioning. Through the detailed analysis of the rebranding problems of Yue-Sai Brand, this paper puts forward the strategic adjustment of young brand image, high-end brand positioning for the rebranding of Yue-Sai. In addition, this paper puts forward a series of improvement strategies, including focusing on high-end channels and so on, to make the brand more high-end, as well as a series of improvement suggestions on the marketing strategies of building a young brand image, such as expanding online and offline channels and digital marketing.