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Article Title : The Risk and Prevention of Supply Chain Finance from the Capital Chain Rupture of Noah Private Wealth Management
Author(s) : Wei Huang
Corresponding Author : Wei Huang
Keywords : Noah Private Wealth Management; Supply Chain Finance (SCF); Risk Prevention.

Recently, the accounts receivable mode of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) has been favored by small and medium-sized companies and financial management funds. However, the frequent occurrence of capital chain rupture in the past two years has made the industry pay more attention to the risk control behind SCF. Based on the analysis of 3.4 billion capital chain rupture of Noah Private Wealth Management's, this paper points out that the company lacks understanding of the risks of the subject of the supply chain, and confirmation links, incomplete information sharing, and relatively lacks professional talents in the process of SCF business by empirical analysis. Finally, some suggestions are put forward to prevent supply chain financial risks, such as in-depth understanding of the subject of SCF, strengthening the authenticity test of trade background, establishing a multi-party cooperation information platform by block chain technology, and strengthening the construction of professional personnel.