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Article Title : Some Thoughts based on Capital Theory
Author(s) : Fang Cai
Corresponding Author : Fang Cai
Keywords : Capital Theory; Marxist Political Economy; Production Relations.

The definition of capital runs through the entire history of the development of economic theory and is also a core concept in Marx’s Capital Theory. This article analyzes and understands the definition of "relation of production" that Marxist political economics gives capital by combing through the development of capital theory. According to the logical method, it is proposed that the natural and social attributes of capital are given by others. They are just things that have no thoughts, desires, and are manipulated by people. The reason why capital produces crimes lies in the rules of production and distribution. In other words, capital itself is only a general term for all things that bring about proliferation. It also exists under other social systems, but under the capitalist production relations (including the relations of production, distribution, exchange and consumption), it possesses Marxism. Capital particularity in capital theory.