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Article Title : Research on the Application of Big Data in Financial Enterprise Marketing
Author(s) : Ren Ge, Yueqing Yang
Corresponding Author : Ren Ge
Keywords : Big Data; Data Analysis; Marketing Channels; Financial Enterprise.

In terms of the financial enterprise marketing, the application of big data is obviously the inevitable trend of the development of the times. In particular, first of all, the paper briefly described the big data, and clarified its 5V characteristics. Secondly, on the basis of the systematic analysis of the advantages of financial development in the era of big data, the paper emphasized that it could not only achieve accurate marketing, but also promote the trend of enterprise direction prediction and the efficiency of financial operation. Finally, the paper also focused on the practical application of big data in financial enterprise marketing, and put forward a series of reasonable suggestions, including win-win cooperation, increasing mutual competitiveness, making full use of big data analysis tools and perfecting financial marketing model as well as expanding marketing path, etc., so as to maximize the technical role of big data, improve the marketing level of financial enterprises, thus promoting enterprises to achieve ideal economic benefits.